HatYai, Day 3

Coming to Day 3 we wake up earlier and go to the famous pork soup rice for breakfast but you have to wait as there is many people actually queuing there, morning.

Then we go to the Samila Beach, some sort like a park, you can go around and visit. There we were transfer into a handheld mini bus which the normal bus isn’t allowed to entered due to safety and later part we will go to a nearby small village, which the travel buses isn’t able to entered into.

In the small village apart from historical heritage items, there is also some sort like Penang Street Art, we taken some photos to share here.

Come back to the beach area using the same handheld mini bus, we have chance to take photos with horse, and our son riding horse with guide also. Then we go to Chang Puak Camp that is elephant camp, a basket of banana is sold at 100baht.

the ONLY ONE pork soup rice

Long queue before us

Samila Beach


This is the handheld mini bus, driver holding the steering

Some scenery during the transit in the mini bus

Enjoying the wind blow when the mini bus moving

People ask him raise the hand, “he” the small boy, rising his hand likes want to surrender.

olden days, fan

historical items

this is the handheld mini bus

so cool…

So hot, but have to sit there

hot > face red

fish balls


Riding a horse, my son

with a horse

Chang Puak Camp

Elephant camp

a basket of banana, 100baht