Afraid Of Not Enough Mineral Water

After finish the seafood meal, we walked back to Mui Ne resort hotel half way we buy mineral water at 10,000 đ, and a Vietnamese hat at 25,000 đ. We afraid if we not enough water to drink as there is no complimentary mineral water in the Mui Ne Resort Hotel. This little small boy has been reminded us for few times to buy a Vietnamese hat before arriving at Ho Chi Minh City, and here it is. Continue reading Afraid Of Not Enough Mineral Water

Seafood Dinner At Mui Ne

We walked to nearby famous seafood restaurant. At Bo Ke Lucky Restaurant, they serve many kind of seafood with lots of cooking method you would like to choose. My wife chosen the barbeque cooking method as this one also not a spicy one. I’m quite full so I didn’t tried the seafood not the fried rice my wife and soon like to eat. Over there, food is served quite in fast manner and many customers also coming over here. Weather is good all the day since the day one we arrived at Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh City. Total spent … Continue reading Seafood Dinner At Mui Ne

Mui Ne Resort

Checked in ok, everything works fine. We booked this triple villa at 146.21RM. The room looks quite small but is clean. Comes with adult and kid swimming pool, and surrounded with natural-looking gardening. Since we arrived there at 12.10pm, we checked in the resort hotel then we go to opposite to have lunch. We ordered Kuey Teow sup, Chicken rice, and Vietnamese popia, carrot juice. Foods are so “sweet” till feeling so thirsty, and ordered some other drink, coca cola, and coffee. After the meal, we went to Wine Castle for a visit, but there not much things interesting. 2 … Continue reading Mui Ne Resort

On Our Way To Mui Ne, 2

The sleeping bus is very clean and well maintained. Along the way there is some nice scenery, taken some photos, and before arriving at Mui Ne, we had 2 stops, 1 small, and another one is bigger stop, allowing you to order food for simple lunch. After discussion and we decided to order the pork with duck egg, and white rice. 40,000 đ. For me, this is new and delicious dishes because it serves with duck egg. Its egg is soft, compared to Malaysia salted egg (duck egg), is a bit harder. We can’t finished it before rushing for the … Continue reading On Our Way To Mui Ne, 2

On Our Way To Mui Ne

Our journey to Mui Ne starts with a breakfast buffet at Ambassador Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city. After finish the breakfast, we checked out and take Vinasun Taxi to Futa busline feeder stop (opposite the Futa Bus sales office) cost us 30,000 đ. Just a friendly reminder, be sure your taxi driver pronounced it correctly our show you the sample money otherwise you could be paying more. Happened to us that, we asked him how much, he said “Fifty thousand dong”, after I told him I do not have small notes, he said again the same, but his … Continue reading On Our Way To Mui Ne

Light Dinner Nearby Sense Market

We walked out from our first checked in hotel towards Futa bus to booked morning bus 7.30am from Ho Chi Minh city to Mui Ne. After that we walked from Futa bus to nearby Sense Market to eat Drumstick Vietnamese Mihun. 25,000đ per bowl (last time was 20,000đ). It is very delicious. The tauge here is very thin believed to be grown naturally without using any medication or chemical to boost the tauge into FAT one like most of it you could find it in Malaysia. Places like Chicken Rice always have those FAT FAT tauge. Continue reading Light Dinner Nearby Sense Market

Sky Weather Before Flight

The air flight is reschedule and the weather seems ok. Overall the flight is postponed for another 15minutes. After waiting for another 15 minutes the plane is arrive luckily it is not an few hours delay. The small little boy after go inside the airplane, he then reported to grand parent that he is in the air plane. Continue reading Sky Weather Before Flight

Mid Night Char Kuey Teow

While if you passed by Kulim, a district in Kedah in the late night you need not to be afraid of being “hungry-ghost” looking around for food. Here there is a specially promote for you especially craving for foods in the late night, this stall operated until mid night 2am. Char Kuey Teow, one of its famous dishes, over years had been improving, and others such like roasted fish is delicious also. Continue reading Mid Night Char Kuey Teow

Having Lunch

Having lunch just now at Ayam Penyet Sri Gombak. Arriving there is about 1.00pm and we had ordered 1set Ayam Penyet, and 1set Ayam Rendang. Rice and dishes are ok acceptable, however quite far different in terms of meal presentations displayed in menu vs. the actual on our table. Take note that the set meal isn’t available on weekend or public holidays. You might have to spend more during weekends so you may go to other places for the meal there is a lot offering during weekends or public holidays. Continue reading Having Lunch