Expensive Parking Fee At Kemaman

Worth 60 cents of parking however it isn’t a huge city. Anyway you still have to obey to city council rules and regulations.

This kind of “ticketing” for me is such a waste of paper and not environmental friendly, meaning to say the more development it is, the more trees will have to be sacrifice. Nowadays, there is a Google Apps platform which now consolidating many city council parking system such as “MP Ampang”, “MP Selayang”, “MP Shah Alam”, etc. This Apps “Flexi Parking” actually gives a good way for consumer to ease the parking payment system, also it gives convenient to consumer to pay parking while sitting in the restaurant, let’s say it’s having heavy rain consumer not able to get the parking ticket and display it “properly” onto the dashboard.

More over, city council can always ensure that consumer is paying the parking fees by checking in the server, versus the actual vehicles parked on the road, future maybe city council can build tiny sensor on every parking slot so detect the availability of parking slot so that they can know the particular parking slot is “paid” or “park-for-free”

Development in technology is essential, and for my opinion, city council whom still using “paper” is actually wasting current resources and perhaps left nothing for future generations.

The ticketing stated “MP Kemaman to born the GST fees”; but in actual fact, the 60 cents is inclusive of GST, so nothing is proud to say, GST born by MP ~ Majlis Perbandaran.

Was written there, “GST Ditanggung Oleh MP Kemaman”. Meaning GST paid by City Council Kemaman.

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