Who’s Fault?

Just read this news and really surprising me. SinChew reporter snap the photo people crossing road without using cross-over bridge built by government.

However, looking carefully in the photo actually people aren’t at fault because they are both using the zebra-crossing to cross the road.

Now the problem comes, for me, this is such a waste created by government that building a cross-over bridge beside the zebra-crossing meaning they have a lot of money (from citizen tax payers money actually) to spend or waste.

State government didn’t care how hard is the money earned and they think that it is their responsibility to “waste” the hard-earned money from citizen. This could possibly caused various type of taxes being increased again, which I think Malaysia has quite a lot of taxes type to burden citizens, those include door taxes, land taxes, income taxes, government taxes (GST). Even when you buy necessity such as mineral water, you still have to pay taxes.

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