Mui Ne Morning Half Day Tour

We joined “The Sinh” half day tour early morning 4.30am to 8.30am

We started our journey first at White Sand dune (larger sand dune), then Red Sand dune, location HERE, after that we head to Fishing Village (local called it Hom Rom Beach) located at HERE, then the last is the Fairy Steam, location HERE.

We departed at 4.30am from Mui Ne resort, arrived at white sand dune about 5.10am. We were being offered whether to choose Jeep (cost 800,000 đ per jeep), or ATV (cost 200,000 đ per person).

We chosen the ATV since it is more economical. For friendly reminder, you can choose not to use either their jeep or ATV, by walking yourself up to the highest point at White Sand dune. Walking yourself might take about 20 minutes to arrive to the top.

There were many people especially during holiday. Crowded but you still can take some beautiful pictures. Weather in the early morning is cool and air is fresh.

We come back to the jeep renting point and started our journey to red sand dune. Arrived there at 6.45am, weather is little bit of “hot” perhaps due to (Mui Ne) nearby to seashore. The sand board is offered at 30,000 đ per person but we didn’t take it.

Scenery there with red colour sand would make you feel “hot”, but afraid not, it is actually warming your heart. There we were allowed for about 20 minutes, we had tried one coconut water, 20,000 đ.

Our next destination at Fishing Village, there you can see a lots of “mini” bowl boats, fishing are their life. As we all wake up early morning, now we feel hungry so we go to nearby stall to have a light breakfast a bowl of Kuey Teow, 15,000 đ.

Reaching at Fairy Steam about 8 morning there you have to take off your shoes upon entering. This is our last destination of the half day tour. Many lively scenery you could see there so don’t missed this trip if you travel to MuiNe.

Lastly reach MuiNe resort around 9.15 morning, we were served with breakfast buffet we have our own, a double egg yolk with smiley face could be a good starts for the next trip.

Morning trip, to white sand dune
Sunrise at White Sand Dune
From White Sand Dune to Red Sand Dune
Walking, up to the Red Sand Dune
Arrived at Red Sand Dune about 6.45 morning
the Small boy play sands
Fishing village views
going down to fishing village, staircase
Fishers’ works
So many tiny crabs
Street Art in MuiNe
Olden days barber shop
Light curry Kuey Teow
Walking into Fairy Steam
At Fairy Steam entrance
Fairy Steam pathway
Fairy Steam Statues
Wow, what’s so excited..
Water inter-crossing
Danger, and keep distance at least 3m
Cool wife and son
Double eggs with smiley face
Some morning Vietnam Breakfast, at MuiNe resort
Small boy with his Vietnam Hat
Bye bye MuiNe Resort