Be Careful Heading To HCMC Museum

There are people nearby walkway of the Ho Chi Minh City Museum, I come across with people hanging coconuts and “he” didn’t approached you by selling directly to you.

For me, he “talking” to you; gain your attention, and “reminding” to you, telling you to be careful and keep your hand phone in your bag; gain your trust, then give you a TRY of “using” his product, here meaning he passing me the hanger to test the actual; this, gain the short term “friendship”.

With this, “he” able to sell the product (coconuts) easily. He then immediately putting down the hanger and take his “parang” knife, “immediately” cut the coconut. Sells you at high price, he wanted to sell at 150,000 đ per piece but he cut another one more piece.

Very fast, 150,000 đ just gone.

We arrived at HCMC Museum at about 12.00pm.

Walking pathway from Saigon Post Office to HCMC Museum

“He” passing you his coconut hanger for a “try”

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