Same Brand Item – the JAKIM

Visited the supermarket for 2nd times at different branches. This time at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Co-OpMart, found something here where I feel very curious because the same brand item with two different product philosophy.

Looks carefully the potato chip packaging, smaller one with Malaysia Halal institution certified, and the bigger one without this. Wondering if an extreme Islam people will buy that bigger one to consume?

In fact I wanted to buy many foods for my friends and colleagues but as far as I know, those my Islamic friends (in Malaysia) will only consume food which are certified by Malaysia Halal institution, the JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia)

Ended up I didn’t buy foods or consumable (eatings) to them, it might end up with food wastage due to I experienced it before, no eating at all, because no JAKIM Halal certified.

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