Direct Sales = Mostly Bad

Most of the direct sales are bad because it actually doesn’t possess any good element for human body and yet it is a very expensive items. Those chemically mixed ingredient can but not all somehow deteriorate your liver function thus consuming it over long time may cause cancerous.

As many people knows, liver is one of the important functions that de-poisoning our consuming that’s why in short period of time when we consume “poisoning” direct sales items, we feel nothing, because liver does a good job. However, when liver is tired of de-poisoning that consuming, then it’s time where we feel sick and weaker than usual. On that time, it is too late to know that the direct sales items, mostly are bad.

Most of the direct sales items are not able to advertised it via TV media, that’s the cost of the product should be lower, and it is directly sells to you via agent.

More over agent who sells this to you could have luxury life just imagine how much is the actual cost of the product, that agent selling this product can enjoy luxury life, Mercedes and etc.

Many old people doesn’t have stable and logic thinking that always become victim of the direct sales. Even worst, being advised, but still continuing to support direct sales items.

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