Checked In, Sim CityStay

At about 2.30pm, we checked in at Sim CityStay, by paying cash 88RM + 2RM as CityTax fee for one night stay. This hotel is reserved via before we departed from house.

You can book your hotel from here, via

The places is so near to the town and street art however it doesn’t provide you with car parking space, therefore you will have to park your car at nearby walking distance around 3min, parking fees we paid are 6RM for the day, and another 7RM for the overnight till next day morning.

After we settled everything in hotel, then we walked to nearby dessert shop for some tea break. We ordered 2 bowl of desserts, 1 bowl of Hokkien Mee (Penang Curry Prawn Mee), and bought 1 plate of “lobak”, also walked to opposite shop, Thean The an Cafe, ordered a plate of Char Kuey Teow, plus egg, 5RM.

Maybe the hawker forgotten to fried for a non-spicy, that’s why my son eat the Kuey Teow with his facial expression, “so spicy”. But he still can eat some, slowly.

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