Buy Sticky Rice Dumpling And Tau-Sha-Piah

After having breakfast at Toh Soon (多春) Cafe, we go to the nearby famous Tau-Sha-Piah makers at Seng Hin Hiang Biscuits (成兴香) HERE, buy few boxes of green bean biscuits at 6.60RM per box, then go to nearby famous dumpling maker at Taman Harbour View, FengYi Dumpling location at HERE, bought 4pcs dumpling at 40RM (12RM + 8RM, x2).

Went go Komtar for half an hour walk, then go to Kek Lok Si temple HERE at about 12pm. Over there some shops are selling apparel at lower price, you can try to find. I can’t mentioned exact shop now as there is having renovations work, no exact shop lot location to refer. I bought 2pcs of short pant at 12RM each.

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