Dinner After Sogo

After finished shopping at Sogo at about 8, we goto LG floor for a baskin robin ice cream. Lovely son gets the small cup and both of us sharing a big cup. He’s so good after finish his ice cream, he asked me whether me is full already or not. I think he actually want to eat our ice cream also. Then later we goto Taman Wahyu for dinner. There I would like to recommend its Hokkien Mee is irresistible you must try it, but the price isn’t cheap, 9RM for single. Restaurant Wah Yu Seafood Selayang Hokkien Mee Noodle … Continue reading Dinner After Sogo

Visiting Another Washing Shop, the Wash Studio

Feeling curious as there are no customers at all here as I visited other washing shop, there are full of customers. Then when I try the self service, first for all, all washing machine DOESN’T accept coins, but token. This is the first bad impression I have, no wonder no customers, despite nowadays many rainings non stop. As we had to use token for the service, the extra token changed, as usual, we may find it useless somewhere, of course customers will never come again, because the token has no tender value, like other shop, machine washing accepts (cash) coins. … Continue reading Visiting Another Washing Shop, the Wash Studio