Kuantan 1Day Tour

Depart from KL at morning 6, we stopped by Temerloh R&R for some simple breakfast. Next we head to temple for praying. Arrived at temple about 10 morning. Then in the afternoon, we go to search for Pork Bone Porridge which SinChew newspaper recommended. Reposted at HERE, located at Jln Air Putih, however we reached there and actually just get to know Sunday no serve pork bone porridge. No choice so we go to opposite road, WW Kopitiam. There the coffee is delicious, and we ordered some food include Mee Suan Hu, Wan Tan Mee, etc. Location at WW Kopitiam … Continue reading Kuantan 1Day Tour

Seeing The First 2018 Movie

This is the first movie we see in year 2018, at Brem Mall Kepong MBO cinema. Apply membership card also since it is a free. Total spent is 60RM, adult 17.50RM per ticket, 9.50RM for child, and 15.50RM for pop corn combo (M&M, Pop Corn, and Sprites) Since the membership card is free, do remember to include your last purchased ticket into the membership so that can maximize the benefits. For those who wanted to book movie at MBO, can goto their office website at HERE. Continue reading Seeing The First 2018 Movie

Betong, Day 2

Arrived at betong, then the first photo we take is the betong clock tower. Many wires but still the tower is admirable. Then at 7.45am (TH) we having some breakfast. There is glutinous rice chicken is rather mini size but taste not bad. About 9.20am (TH) we arrived at Million Flower Garden (万花圆), weather is quite hot, we manage to take many photos. Next we go to Piyamit Tunnel (友谊地道村). Nearby fruit stall sells fruits at 20baht per pack, 50baht for 3 packs. This tunnel is rather lower grade (in my opinion) compared to Cu Chi Tunnel, but is much … Continue reading Betong, Day 2

On Way To Betong

Hidden fees at 20RM lunch, 8RM insurance, and 4RM passport per people, to be payable to Malaysian tour guide. Luckily small kid at 10RM dinner. The lunch is needed to pre book with restaurant at Ipoh while we back from Betong to Kuala Lumpur. Really hope everything fine include to have delicious lunch at Ipoh later. It takes about 5 hours to reach Betong, we were half way stopped at Ipoh to have supper for our stomach. Food there pricing is little bit higher than expected perhaps due to late night and CNY festival. Continue reading On Way To Betong

Supper At Restaurant Mahmudah Maju

Feeling little bit hungry then we go to nearby mamak stall, Restaurant Mahmudah Maju for a quick supper. One roti kosong, one roti telur, one roti jantan, one nescafe tarik, one banana, and one chocolate ice blended, total 12.70RM Location of the Restaurant HERE, at No 1, Jalan PS 8/2, Selangor, Prima Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor. Continue reading Supper At Restaurant Mahmudah Maju