For sharing. Just curious of the quibble.

Story started as one of the “member” in the apartment rented one of his unit to car washing company, to do car washing activity there.

Then one of the tenant / owner (apartment) complaint to city councilman. End up now that member whom “rent” the place for business, to shut down the car washing company.

The member claimed that his doing is not wrong, not related to him, but is related to the car washing company. Yet, the car washing company isn’t wrong also as agreement is set up properly, etc.

Now the point, how can a person rent out a place, yet the businesses done at his rent place isn’t related to him where at first he knew that his renting purposes is to allow a washing car company to be set up there. Therefore, anything including noises, environmental issue he has to come out with solutions.

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      For my opinion, the wrong is the member to rent the place to “another people” allowing them to set up company of doing business here meant car washing company. Some city state did not allow car washing to be operated in apartment area, and must be operated in shop lot end corner with parking space available. But I not sure Kajang city council.
      He shouldn’t be selfish as to not care of other unit tenant staying there, such as business of car washing might causes high level of noises that disrupt people…

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