Betong, Day 2

Arrived at betong, then the first photo we take is the betong clock tower. Many wires but still the tower is admirable.

Then at 7.45am (TH) we having some breakfast. There is glutinous rice chicken is rather mini size but taste not bad.

About 9.20am (TH) we arrived at Million Flower Garden (万花圆), weather is quite hot, we manage to take many photos.

Next we go to Piyamit Tunnel (友谊地道村). Nearby fruit stall sells fruits at 20baht per pack, 50baht for 3 packs.

This tunnel is rather lower grade (in my opinion) compared to Cu Chi Tunnel, but is much more better compared to the tunnel in Peanng war museum.

We finish our visit at tunnel around 12pm (TH).

Taking photo with thousand years tree

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