Depart from KL at morning 6, we stopped by Temerloh R&R for some simple breakfast. Next we head to temple for praying. Arrived at temple about 10 morning.

Then in the afternoon, we go to search for Pork Bone Porridge which SinChew newspaper recommended. Reposted at HERE, located at Jln Air Putih, however we reached there and actually just get to know Sunday no serve pork bone porridge.

No choice so we go to opposite road, WW Kopitiam. There the coffee is delicious, and we ordered some food include Mee Suan Hu, Wan Tan Mee, etc. Location at WW Kopitiam No. B876, Jalan Air Putih, Taman Imbi, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang.

Checking the next destination

Temerloh R&R Nasi Lemak 2RM

W W, using fingers to show the WW

5RM Wan Tan Mee small
7.30RM Mee Suan Hu, add egg

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