Economy and Purchasing Power

Just for sharing through by looking at the blog title isn’t matched with the picture below.

Think back many years ago BEFORE Najib become PM, e.g. Aeon Jusco didn’t have SO FREQUENT sales, or now mentioned as “member day sales”, because from my point of view, economy is good, and strong (compared to now), during those days, citizens are having good purchasing power therefore hypermarket need not to have grand sales to grab some profitable sales.

Nowadays just looking at your own phone SMS sent by Aeon Jusco, sales are so frequent as almost twice a month having grand sales.

If economy is so good ( = high purchasing power), I don’t think hypermarket need to purposely reduce their standard margin selling price.

Today, advertisement from Aeon Jusco, every 8th and 28th as member day sales. If you are care about your next generations (sons, daughters, grandsons, etc), would you vote BN again?

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