Fried Chicken Rice (叉烧鸡面)

We have our lunch at Gambang city (is a really small city) after dropped by Caribbean Resort as one of the resort in Gambang Water Park Resort. We can’t check in yet as their standard check in time is 3pm.

HERE we found one locally famous restaurant that we wanted to share here, overall the food are unique, the chicken of the chicken-rice set are deep fried rather than as usual we eat outside, roasted chicken. And its water juice, initially we ordered a glass of pineapple plum juice, however it was so delicious until we ordered the 2nd one.

Location of the restaurant we shall believed it was a new place that we found no marking in Google Maps hence I “add a missing place”. Very quickly Google approved my adding and sooner or later the tagging will be appeared over the Google Maps.

We spent 7RM for 2 glasses of pineapple plum juice, 2RM A+B+C, fried chicken rice at 4.50RM, Meehoon mixed ingredients for 5RM. Total at 18.50RM

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