Inflation Rate Now More Steady

As this info is extracted via printscreen from The Star Online, here one can clearly sees that the inflation was goes up crazily after year 2014, a year of GST implementation, which is a taxes imposed at every single production and distribution “stage”. Hence, writer (i.e. me) shall feel the economy is worsen due to high inflation rate, where no point to increase the minimum wages, but all goods and services are expensive too.

Thanks too, Government has changed and GST has been abolished. Now if you see carefully a lot of daily goods either NO HUGE increase in price or its prices are DROPPING too, e.g. cooking oil, toiletries, books, spare parts, service charges, car maintenance, so what’s more you want even through you can’t get more “bantuan”, but your cost of living is decrease significantly

See how’s other says about GST failure and it can turn out to be major liability in the hands of irresponsible government. Where does the every single cents of money collected from GST, buy gems? buy handbags? buy watches? It can’t be defined very clearly by irresponsible government prior to year 2018.

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