Good Wealth 2020 (财神2020)

This year movie, Good Wealth 2020 (财神2020) seems to be one of the most best movie you must see, its movie rhythm made you a laughter, and probably your eyes tear too.

See?? By typing a word “good” in the YouTube, the 1st 2nd results shows the movie name meaning to say “something” ..

The synopsis of the film movie link is HERE.

Will you exchange your good, happy moments and memories for money? Some people full of money, but left nothing except “money”, while some people full of live happiness, but not a “richer”.

今年最好看的影片,财神2020,万不错过! 这部电影,样样齐全,甜酸苦辣,有笑🤣😅的,也有流泪😥😥的。电影刚要在这里。总之,你愿不愿意把你未来的美丽回忆,换成现代的金钱? 为什么,有些人,很多钱,除了钱,什么都没有。又为什么?,有些人,没有钱,除了没有钱,什么都还有。