MCO Day 6 (行动管制第6天)

Good morning, everyone. Today is the Day 6, of the Movement Control Order.

So I had prepared the bread toast again for my son. For me, I prefer to eat curry noodle with my own grown vegetable, together eat garlic in raw (one of the method to cure “influenza”) 👍👍👍 Afternoon I cooked rice, chicken with oyster sauce, and eggs. While in dinner FIL cooked, we eat mostly onion egg and fried chicken.

大家早上好,今天是行动管制第6天。我又为我孩子准备了面包煎鸡蛋,我自己就吃咖哩美极面,放些自家种的蔬菜,再加上生吃蒜头切片(这是其中一种可克制流感病毒)。👍👍👍 到了中午,我煮饭,和炒蚝油鸡,还有(又是)鸡蛋。那么晚餐,由FIL煮的,我们全都吃洋葱蛋和炸鸡。

Balance left, after cut vegetable for cook.

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