MCO Day 9 (行动管制第9天)

Breakfast I cooked maggi curry with own grown vegetable as usual,

and eat raw garlic too, which is very good to kill viruses. After a while, wife coming back with WanTan Noodle, that is our BLunch, a term used to describe breakfast and lunch. Come to tea break, we do honeydew yogurt drink. And this is my first time ✌✌✌, fried porridge with chicken, in tomato sauce. At least now, I know now to fried porridge. In the evening, eat mangoes. 😎😎😎 Night time I baked 2 plate of banana cake. 🍌🍌🍌

一大清早起来就来包美极面,自家菜和生吃蒜头。在这个病毒到处都是的时候,生吃蒜头的却可以杀手不少喉鼻细菌(甚至病毒)。过了不久,老婆买来的云吞面,也成为了我的第二碗”面” 😂🤣😅。午茶点,乳酪哈密瓜,不错吧。接下来,也是我第一次 ✌✌✌,学会了炒粥。下午,吃下芒果吧。晚上,烘焙香蕉蛋糕。🍌🍌🍌

Fried Porridge By tinyTan (now I know how to fried porridge already… 😂🤣😅)
Guess how many eggs there…

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