MCO Day 10 (行动管制第10天)

Again, same breakfast, toast with egg, and cheese. My son every morning order me to cook this for him, but

he no bored about this. 😎😎😎 So for me, I continue my breakfast from yesterday banana cake. And started to boiled soup with simple ingredient such as tomatoes, onion, and corn. For lunch, fried 3 black sardine, and fried eggs (no wonder 1 tray of eggs can finish so fast… ✌✌✌). Cold lime tea to offset outside hot weather. Night time what’s our dinner? Yeah, Mee Sedap, one of the famous instant fried mee in Malaysia. Not enough then eat some more biscuits and finally my weight is added some more also… 🤣😂😅

又是一样的鸡蛋面包,我的小孩。他不厌倦,也许我煮得好吃吧😋😋😋。至于我呐,当然吃我的香蕉蛋糕。之后就开始准备煲汤了,一定要准备料理,有萝卜,大葱,和玉米。那就是我们的午餐,黑沙顶鱼3条,煎蛋。(不怪的鸡蛋如此快完蛋✌✌✌)。由于天气炎热,也少不了酸杆冰茶。晚餐?不煮咯,Mee Sedap,不就是更方便吗吗。结果呢,要吃宵夜咯,饼干点茶。体重也增加了。。。😅😂🤣

Lastly my weight 72.8 (increased 1.3KG +-) 🤣😂😅

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