MCO Day 11 (行动管制第11天)

First of all thanks to my store members whom could easily come to help on such emergency.👍👍👍Morning I went to office in rushing way, passing through NSE highway via the exit at Guthrie Corridor Expressway. However the conditions are quite jammed, finally I arrived at office about 10.45am. We had all settled receiving operations and office works at about 6.45pm.

At evening, I had fried meehoon as my dinner and a bowl of guiling cream. Night my wife steam a huge egg flurry cake. 😂🤣😅

在先我要向我的下属们说声谢谢,在我需要到他们的时候,可以为工作拼搏。👍👍👍 一大清早我赶急去公司,因为有重要任务要完成,进口货将要到公司了。当时的高速公路有路障,还好不到30分钟就过了路障呐。最后在11时之前抵达办公室。我们整体也在7时前敢好全部功课。晚餐就吃炒米粉还有龟岭膏。宵夜吃了些巨型鸡蛋糕。🤣😅😂

Egg Flurry Cake (my wife made it.. 😅🤣😂)

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