Wake up in the morning and start sorting eggs. See?! Egg also being quarantine. Then today I am in charged of buying food outside since almost 10 days didn’t go out (except yesterday, go to office to work). Arrive WTC Restaurant HERE and only 2 food stall open, so according to their appetite, chilli wooden noodle are their choices. Me and my son decided for McD. At night, FIL cooked “Nasi Lemak”. So supper time, I tried for two recipes and I prepared fried flour cake, one is fried dried flour, and another one is fried wet flour. Both are delicious as my wife and son left almost nothing for me.

一早起来把鸡蛋归入自己的家窝。看看,连鸡蛋也有被隔离的。好了,今天由我负责出去买东西,已有10天没出去了(除了昨天出去工作)。 到达WTC茶餐室,只有两间小档口开而已。根据他们的胃口,辣椒板面3包。而我和孩子则麦当劳吧! 晚餐,FIL煮了椰浆饭。那,宵夜我准备了两种面粉糕,湿版,和干版面粉糕。两种都很好吃,她们俩没留几片给我。

Morning sorting eggs .. 🥚🥚🥚 🥚
Fried Wet Flour.. 👍👍 湿面粉糕
Fried Dried Flour.. 👍👍 干面粉糕
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