Early morning rush to NSK Rawang to buy dairy groceries, and luckily isn’t too crowded. Wow, our things are about 180RM. Coming back to home about 10.30, and have some breakfast prepared by wife, bread toast. Lunch time eat the sweet japanese potatoes 🍠🍠🍠, and late lunch, wife cook Vit’s Mee – mee sedap 🤣😂😅. Then dinner time I prepared the white wine prawn steam, so delicious until I only managed to eat 1 piece only. And also fried onion egg with black pepper.

一大清早我就飞去万饶NSK购买必需品。还好”还”不是很多人。在超市里兜来兜去终于还是买完所需的东西了。买着买着不知不觉就用了180RM。😥😨😥 回到来老婆准备了早餐,鸡蛋面包。中午吃日式甜番薯 🍠🍠🍠 ,茶点就由老婆煮的唯一干捞面。🤣😂😅 晚餐,也是我第一次蒸鸡蛋虾,非常好吃,因为只剩一只虾(给我)而已。我也准备了黑胡椒洋葱煎蛋。

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