Baking Ingredient Info For Sharing

Saw something shared publicly in Facebook from “Anna Cake Training Centre”. So I decided to keep this for future references. Many useful information including 1, Measurement Conversion Chart; 2, Cocoa; 3, Sugar; 4, Oil & Butter; 5, Cheese & Cream; 6, Leavening Agent; 7, Flour; 8, Gel Type; 9, Others

Screenshot: Facebook 21APRIL2020 Time 1342
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Lukut Roasted Pork (蘆骨烧肉)

Lukut Roasted Pork HERE, a famous pork even more delicious than the Pork Dickson as reported. However, many visitors claimed that they not able to find “this” roasted pork as there is no location added 😀😮😀.

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Vietnam Banana (越南香蕉)

In Vietnam, banana is not only “fruit” as most people think about, but it is a vegetable too, which can be cooked and served in varieties. In Simpang Pertang HERE, demonstrated banana can be cooked however this kind of banana is specially brought in from Vietnam, it is not a locally planted banana. Once cooked, this banana is soft to eat and full of nice aroma.

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ShopBack – Apps

While by directly translate its Apps name, it would mean “Beli Balik” in Malay, or “买回去” in chinese. However this is not at that simple, this apps uses way to make a both (win-win) at winning situation. You gain extra profit, and they might gain in their way too. Looking at, you buying something without using ShopBack, you pay the full amount, while if you use ShopBack, you still paying the full amount but with something EXTRA, check it out!! 👍👍👍

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