Today prepare another set lunch for wife to bring to work. The salty sweet chicken and fried egg. Then after I going out to Tesco Rawang to get the online purchased egg cake 😨😨😨 at 28RM, and pandan + yam layer cake at 18RM 😥😥😥, very expensive!! Lunch time I prepare banana flour cake, really super delicious. 😎😎😎 Evening for dinner time, wife bought the Anson Chee Cheong Fun at 5.50RM, Chinese Dumpling at 6.50RM each. Nasi lemak, FOC.


Going to Tesco Rawang to get the online purchased Egg cake and Pandan + Yam layer cake.
Super small egg cake at 28RM per bottle.. 😨😥😨
A less than 420g layer cake at 18RM .. 😥😨😥
3pcs of Golden Banana (Pisang Emas)
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