MCO Day 17 (行动管制第17天)

Morning I stand by 2 types of bread, Masimo Wheat, and Roti Sedap plain, both to fried with sweet eggs, one kind of simple snack. 👍👍👍What’s more if eat together with ham. As I cooked too much of this, then it become the lunch and tea time also. During dinner, fried popia. Nice right, my fried popia, so beautiful…

今天我准备了两种面包,Masimo和Roti Sedap,切成小方块,用来煎甜鸡蛋。这也蛮不错,是一种简单小吃。尤其再加上香肠肉。由于我煮的太多,这也成为午餐和茶点了。到了晚上,看看我炸的薄餅美丽吗。

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