Coming to day 20 of MCO, I planned to fried vegetable later so cut some vegetable in the early morning. Then fried some Finger Meat for breakfast. Later afternoon wife coming back and she buy some nasi lemak from A-Plus Nasi Lemak House HERE, for beverage, made one from Arissto Coffee machine, both milk-coffee and lime tea. 👍👍👍Evening continue the Nasi Lemak 🤣😅🤣, and egg toast, among 4, one is with cheese (are you able to guess which one is with 🧀🧀🧀 cheese?). Supper of course is fried popia.

来到行动管制第20天,一早原本打算要炸一些菜叶,所以切了几片收起来。早上准备了一些西式餐,炸指肉条。迟些老婆从士拉央这里打包回来的椰浆饭作为午餐。至于水,以爱丽丝(Arissto)咖啡机制造出来的咖啡奶,和酸杆茶。👍👍👍下午,再继续椰浆饭,🤣😅🤣和四套面包鸡蛋,你可以猜的出那一套是有加🧀🧀🧀芝士的吗? 宵夜又来薄餅咯。

Balance vegetable after cut.. 😎😎😎

Which set of bread have 🧀🧀🧀 cheese? 🤔🤔🤔

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