Bazaar Ramadhan

Few states has been confirmed to cancel this year Bazaar Ramadan despite of the loosen of the MCO, if any. Selangor will be fully ban Bazaar Ramadhan this year, and there will be a 500RM given by “Zakat” to poor family / those who is qualified. It is a must for all to obey to MCO, and any other instructions set by the government.

Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Pulau Labuan, also has confirmed to ban the activity Bazaar Ramadhan for safety purposes, this will be replaced with the drive-thru service, pre-ordered (online), as well as to involved known delivery services. Also, the registration fees, deposits etc. of the said Bazaar stalls, will be refunded.

Pahang, perhaps with its own unique method, members are urged to use the Google Apps PahangGo, which shall be deemed as AllInOne you need in Pahang.

However for Perlis and Perak state, both haven’t fully affirmed whether to ban Bazaar Ramadhan this year, Perlis government claiming there is another 2 weeks to go before the actual Bazaar date, while Perak government is getting the best solutions with all parties involved hence yet to announced.

Source: SinChew 09APRIL2020 (Selangor, 500RM Zakat)
Source: SinChew 09APRIL2020 (Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, PulauLabuan, Drive-Thru, Pre-order, Delivery Service; Pahang, PahangGo Apps)
Source: SinChew 09APRIL2020 (Perlis, Slow slow first, still got many times; Perak, Discussing with relevant parties)