Real Enforcement of Law (真正的法律执行者)

It’s all about just started, not long ago. Many are still play a fool on this MCO, and wanted to go here and there, stern actions has been taken against those people, summon 1,000RM. In Sarawak, within a day only, 27 people has been arrested, 7 of them being summoned for 1,000RM. 27 consists of 13 from Miri, 12 from Kuching, 1 Samarahan, and 1 from Lundu HERE (伦乐 / 伦杜). Apart from that, Ministry of Defense, has also highlighted that the summon of 1,000RM must be settled within two weeks time otherwise shall be brought forward for court case.


☆☆Look at those stubborn people, knowing that Lundu district is one of the Green zone Covid-19, still want to come out for play play. See, what date will it (the district) be turned to Yellow zone, after 10 days? “This” doesn’t know how to take care the whole district people.

Source: SinChew Daily 09APRIL2020 NIGHT (古晋 = Kuching)

Source: SinChew Daily 09APRIL2020 NIGHT (布城 = Putrajaya)