Disinfection Tunnel Discourage To Use

The newly invented Disinfection Tunnel has been discouraged to used after it was used at several public area. This discouragement is due to non compliance to the WHO standards, and what is commented also by Penang government, it can create a “false security sense” among public.

☆☆I personally feels this device is unsafe too, perhaps there is NO scientifically proven that an “unknown” Covid-19 patient walk through the tunnel, after sneezing, or coughing, will not left any “live” Covid-19 viruses on inner surface of the tunnel. Therefore, what if everybody walk through the tunnel, being spray with disinfection, full of droplets, what’s more if the disinfection liquid doesn’t contain adequate amount of alcohol / killing germs chemical.

Source: SinChew Daily 17APRIL2020

Source: SinChew Daily 17APRIL2020

Source: SinChew Daily 17APRIL2020

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