Scam Of Fake Receipt

Unknown “customer” buy tyres by showing fake making receipt to seller claiming loss about 250 thousands.

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Sungai Lima Using Disinfectant Tunnel

Currently Sungai Lima community only allow their own people to travel in and out. No outsiders shall be allowed to travel into Sungai Lima. Those who coming back to Sungai Lima will have to disinfecting whole body by passing through the Disinfectant Tunnel.

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Wearing Socking Allow To Test Shoes?

Some of us might be confusing whether to allow test shoes during this MCO as testing shirt isn’t allow for safety purposes.


To Avoid Wearing Face Mask During Exercice

As wearing face mask during exercise such as jogging, could endanger life, due to lack of oxygen in respiratory system. It is advisable to avoid wearing it.


Illegal Aluminium Factory

Illegal aluminium factory seized by authority however due to operations being noticed, workers has run away. As the land allocated at that area is agriculture land, starting a (illegal) business in this way, could endanger surrounding in which aluminium chemical isn’t able to absorb easily just like that.


Malaysian Chinese At Myanmar

Sharing real stories about real successful by real “Chinese” people successful at overseas.

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The Most Expensive Medical In The World

This is the most expensive medicine in the world, so far, the Zolgensma, with about 6 to 7millions RM😨😨😨!! This medicine is to treat a very rare disease called Spiral Muscular Atrophy (SMA).


Sarawak TeoChew Braised Meat

If you passed by HERE at Batu Pahat, just stopped by and try this chinese braised meat. Address: No 11, Jalan Flora Utama 7, Taman Flora Utama, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor.

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Suggestion To Legalized “Illegal Immigrant”

Kapar MCA Chief Dato Song Kee Chai suggested that government should never “catch” illegal workers, and let them have the privilages of turning into “legal workers” once they have gone for the Covid-19 test.


Drunken Driver Kills Police

An Indian driver whom is drunked, kills police during road accident. Additional 4 days detention for further investigation. ☆☆Such a stupid and irresponsible driver knowing that drunk (after drinking beer / wine) will endanger passengers and people on the road, still stubbornly wanted to “drink”!