Highway Toll

For sharing. Although highway toll haven't been demolished, but many things had been implemented and cost of living (material price) has been decreasing, purchasing power increased (have more money left), and standard of living is increased as well.

Mini Zoo

For sharing. There would be enhancement in mini zoo Taman Teruntum, Pahang, at HERE. Just for additional info whenever trying to search in Chinese words (德伦敦动物园), it brings us to UK. 😂😂😂

1Malaysia Double Standards

Sharing this, because for more than 60 years of independence, the selling price of property still at preferable for "bumiputera" only, despite Chinese and Indian people those are born in Malaysia, and holding Malaysia Identity Card, never had the same treats.

Real 1 Malaysia

I personally feel that with advanced modern thinking this shall be the good example that a people with mature think. For example, always being extremism in religious may end up something non achievable, in other words, it makes people lost.

Solution to Kelantan Flood Issues

Government promises to settle the flooding issues at Kelantan, provided they have enough financial, as the 2nd and 3rd phrase will be depend on the coming financial condition. Meaning to say there is no firmed promises as everything still depend on the financial condition which is (shall be) controllable by government. Whether deficit, or surplus... Continue Reading →

Dog and Pig

Many were talks about the no dogs or pigs pictures allowed to be printed on cloths for CNY. But the neighbour country Indonesia, with the highest number of Islamic people in country, allow yet no prohibit like what our country do. Maybe, in my opinion, Malaysia still have some degree of extremism.

Irresponsible Fire Department

Fire Department in Kajang area isn't responsible enough as complaint made to them is keep ignored since year 2015! Recently nursing home catch fire and fire department claimed that the water pressure is low, and this is very irresponsible action cause. They didn't admit it was due to their ignorance of the complaint made since... Continue Reading →

Junction Road Broken

The junction road damaged and caused road accidents isn't new in Malaysia. Many roads are not well maintained despite citizen paying lots of taxes, etc. This ends up where the damaged road is temporarily repaired using stone and cement.

Flooded Again

Just flooded 2 months ago and now this area going to be flooded again due to heavy rain. Kampung Tersusun at Bukit Mertajam is easily catched with flood once heavy rain non stop for few hours. People were very scare to buy new electrical items and furniture due to frequently flooded. Petrol station is flooded... Continue Reading →

Penang Hill

The Penang Hill railway station now is open for the public despite many days closed down for maintenance and upgrading. Initially the train is travel at lower speed for initial run safety purposes and now it has been resume back to normal speed. Currently it is travel at its maximum speed, this reduce the queue... Continue Reading →

Deposit 300RM Become 2100RM

Water supply company at Ampang increased the deposit fee of water supply installation from last year 300RM now become 2100RM! This happen at the 2nd batch hawker whom starting to do business. The 13 hawkers at first batch were actually paying 300RM as deposit, last year April.

Traditional Coffee Shop

Still remember when you were kids and went to coffee shop for breakfast, having simple bread toast with butter, half boil eggs, hot milo, or coffee, all these nowadays were hardly get it nowhere. Although nowadays many olden coffee shop were replaced by modern coffee shop, and luxury restaurant, "those" coffee shop were still remain... Continue Reading →

Unsettled Work Left By Contractor

Happened in Kuantan, the tree-cutting contractor left debris along the road side for about 10 parking space. Debris are left there for 4 days but still haven't had any contractors come to clean it. Many businesses nearby loses due to this as customers can't park their car and might be just go to another shops.

Who’s Fault?

Just read this news and really surprising me. SinChew reporter snap the photo people crossing road without using cross-over bridge built by government. However, looking carefully in the photo actually people aren't at fault because they are both using the zebra-crossing to cross the road. Now the problem comes, for me, this is such a... Continue Reading →

Drain Is Blocking

Almost every raining session, there will become a flooding area. The drainage system is block with soil and some other people blocking the drain by other means. Hope people don't simply block the drainage system as this is very important in water flowing especially during raining. State government has deployed people to unlock the drain.

Tallest Highway In Malaysia

The tallest highway with more than 60metre height at Rawang is going to be officially launch next few days. It only takes about 45 minutes from Tanjung Malim to Selangor. This highway also helps to stimulate the businesses at Batang Kali area.

LED Street Light

LED light is such a bright full, and it is essential to install at some of the darkness area. Brightness is essential especially at outside street, this is also one of the method to reduce criminal, and accidents. Being advised too, those who had private street light please do not simply cut the light, through... Continue Reading →

Shall Apply License

Anyone who would like to do business shall apply license this is to ease the authority to monitor and for governing purposes. Many citizens might think that this rules is making them difficult, however the true picture of applying license before doing business, especially the foods and beverages, is ensuring consumers are getting cleaner foods,... Continue Reading →

High Vandalism

See how much "aggressiveness" of the vandalism happened here, perhaps it is due to long period of time (years etc.) no entertainment in this state. For example, cinema is demolished many years ago after some sort of parties is governing the state. Even worst, state government announced that "you can" report to them if found... Continue Reading →

Free Newspaper

To cultivate a cultural of reading "current" news, and encourage student to be more dependent on genuine news rather than fake or unreliable info, SinChew has make a further step on this.

Use Smart Phone, Be Smart

Hand phone could be the most best helper ever in our life, same goes to students. Especially during schooling, students should be more concentrate on study and be alert while making friends. Being smart in using smart phone is an essential too. In fact, smart phone can give you tremendous opportunity in learning, installing online... Continue Reading →

Due To Hands

Past decade before, people used to say wrong doings due to wrongly speak / spoken something wrong. But nowadays, many due to our own hands, "pressed" the share button. Many info and news in the Facebook perhaps one should say it is not correct until it is checked. Unless you are very sure the info... Continue Reading →

Great To Inspire Education

Take A Book; Return A Book. This small wooden houses filled with books this is to cultivate a reading culture among society. This is pretty good as this structure allow kids to have chances of reading within the villages. However, for my own very personal opinion, this may be danger if poisonous insect such as... Continue Reading →

Developed Into New Hall

Some enhancement at Desa Jaya, costs about RM200,000, targeted to be completed by coming January 2018. This public hall is damaged during year 2015, some where around year end during heavy rain. And fund request submitted in year 2016, finally the "money" is approved in the year 2017.

Depending On Pension

Pitiful old man (95) and his daughter (72) both only depending on pension of 1000RM per month which is not enough luckily they no need to pay house rental, however, the house is very "old" too. Monthly minimum basic expenditure hit 600RM for milk powder only. Anyone who wanted to help can contact them.


Those who dogs lover shall taking care his own dogs otherwise it can be easily caught by authority and to be killed within stipulated time if no people admits this.

Maintenance Should At Night

Public works such as road maintenance, should be carried out in the late night, so that it will not causing heavy traffic problem during day time. Citizen might get angry due to unforeseen and improper schedule of the road maintenance.

Additional Burden

Collecting RM2 per assisting customer filling form could be a great source of income for those able to provide help. TNB, Kerayong, announced that paying bills have to fill in form, which cause something irrelevant and slow down the collection process. However, those who not able to interpret country's language shall have to do something... Continue Reading →

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