Free Newspaper

To cultivate a cultural of reading "current" news, and encourage student to be more dependent on genuine news rather than fake or unreliable info, SinChew has make a further step on this.

Use Smart Phone, Be Smart

Hand phone could be the most best helper ever in our life, same goes to students. Especially during schooling, students should be more concentrate on study and be alert while making friends. Being smart in using smart phone is an essential too. In fact, smart phone can give you tremendous opportunity in learning, installing online... Continue Reading →

Due To Hands

Past decade before, people used to say wrong doings due to wrongly speak / spoken something wrong. But nowadays, many due to our own hands, "pressed" the share button. Many info and news in the Facebook perhaps one should say it is not correct until it is checked. Unless you are very sure the info... Continue Reading →

Great To Inspire Education

Take A Book; Return A Book. This small wooden houses filled with books this is to cultivate a reading culture among society. This is pretty good as this structure allow kids to have chances of reading within the villages. However, for my own very personal opinion, this may be danger if poisonous insect such as... Continue Reading →

Additional Burden

Collecting RM2 per assisting customer filling form could be a great source of income for those able to provide help. TNB, Kerayong, announced that paying bills have to fill in form, which cause something irrelevant and slow down the collection process. However, those who not able to interpret country's language shall have to do something... Continue Reading →

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