Earlier Birthday Dinner Treats

My wife likes to eat crab so she found one crabs recommendation over Facebook posting; she decided to go HERE, Restaurant New Kai Seng Seafoods, located nearby Pudu area, Kuala Lumpur. Waiting time during peak hour is about 45 minutes however overall dishes are delicious. Prices are ok, don't worry.

Ching Bing Festival

This year Ching Bing at Kelantan all of us going to hometown (Kuala Terengganu) before go Kelantan for Ching Bing, for my mum. Location of the temple is HERE, the Ariyakiri Buddhist Temple.

Being a Cultural Ministry

For acting over the limit as a Cultural Ministry, the consequences might be "game over". Although no one can fulfill everybody needs and wants, but it is essential to ensure own acting doesn't over other's cultural limit.

MovieClub Treats

OMG, was thought that the movie club treats shall include some Chinese New Year movies during this festival, however there is none, but 2 Hindu and 1 English were the treats given by TGV, as membership treats. I hope by next year can see the improvement from TGV (Tanjung Golden Village cinema) by offering treats... Continue Reading →

CNY Gift

Buy my wife CNY present such as new power bank with 2.4A and 3.0A quick charge capability, and total output at 30W, one month free fuel, etc. This should be much more better than simply some cash.

Durian Festival

The durian festival which is held recently is populated with lots of people, durian and fragrant. There are about 10 stalls selling durian, and pricing about 55RM per kilograms. There is not only selling durian but also others like Bentong indigenous. Some did mentioned that the price is too expensive, but there is people buying... Continue Reading →

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