The Beer or Wine

Yes, it's true, drinking wine or beer doesn't help human to settle problems but causing a lot more problems such as create high expenses, and it's bad to health. If wine or beer can settle human problems, then there is no problems already in human.

Made 88.88

Having owing for new year isn't so good, so I make some over paid into this TNB electricity bill to become 88.88RM. It looks good, this is part of the financial planning.


This is about a person is owing huge money from institutions, mainly credit cards, and housing loan. The man is hiding from his wife that the outstanding in the credit cards. The main reason that causes this problem is due to the imbalance and no proper planning towards income and expenditure in the family. Although... Continue Reading →

Buy Validity Period, Again

For 33RM one year free using the line (activated to received calls) it is worth nowadays and I foresee future could be hard to get this despite of the tel-co competition. So I again decided to top up another year of validity till year 2020. Great!

Buy Validity Period

This services isn't available for all new prepaid package already, so if possible, please do not changed to prepaid plan, and I had purchased one year of validity period. Spending 33RM to make the phone number valid for whole-year long isn't so cheap nowadays so it is wise to do so before it is being... Continue Reading →

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