Kuantan 1Day Tour

Depart from KL at morning 6, we stopped by Temerloh R&R for some simple breakfast. Next we head to temple for praying. Arrived at temple about 10 morning. Then in the afternoon, we go to search for Pork Bone Porridge which SinChew newspaper recommended. Reposted at HERE, located at Jln Air Putih, however we reached... Continue Reading →

Dinner After Sogo

After finished shopping at Sogo at about 8, we goto LG floor for a baskin robin ice cream. Lovely son gets the small cup and both of us sharing a big cup. He's so good after finish his ice cream, he asked me whether me is full already or not. I think he actually want... Continue Reading →

Longest Receipt at McDonald’s

Having tea time at McDonald's Serdang Raya this is the longest receipt so far. This is new kiosk in McDonald's so convenient also making customer can view all the menu at a glance. Investing in technology can help company to gain more sales hence increasing the net profit within a short time frame.

Transit And Eat

Something share here you can go Kajang using public transit and few good places to try for food. Porridge, Fried rice, Beef soup, Deep fried meat, etc all you can't finished it by days or weeks.

Direct Sales = Mostly Bad

Most of the direct sales are bad because it actually doesn't possess any good element for human body and yet it is a very expensive items. Those chemically mixed ingredient can but not all somehow deteriorate your liver function thus consuming it over long time may cause cancerous. As many people knows, liver is one... Continue Reading →

Chicken Inside The Pau

Famous for years at Sri Petaling here you must try whenever you got the chance, business hour from 7 evening till the Next-Day 3 afternoon. Basically this is the mixture of Big Pau and Sticky Rice Chicken. Another famous dishes would be the Golden Sand Pau.

Vietnamese Milo

Carefully packed and its straw is special too compared to Malaysia Milo. Here really wonder how good is our Health Minister that allow the food and beverages industry to have 1 year expiry date, instead of many other countries with 6 to 8 months expiry date. Only a genuine health minister will firmly govern the... Continue Reading →

Full House Hotel

Recent is the sudden surplus durian at Bentong, and this incidentally creates an business opportunities for hotel. Most of the hotel in Bentong are full house, those travelers are mostly come to Bentong for this durian festival.

Penang HarMee 😋 (檳城虾面)

Those who had tried HarMee will never forget, and here Triang, you can try the same here. The owner had years of experience in preparing this dishes (Penang HarMee) as he learned during working at Penang. This stall located at Triang. Try your luck, limited supply.

Dancing Meat The Pork Steak 😋

Eat pork steak in Kuantan? Come over here the Dancing Meat Deli & Grill, not only ordinary western food, but pork as well. The serving is delicious and the meat is very soft you couldn't resist it. Full address as below Dancing Meat Co. Gourmet Deli & Grill 3, Jalan Gambut, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang.

Roasted Lamb 😋

Roasted lamb at Gong Badak area. AMAZINGLY you could find its always crowded despite of its servings menu with 2 items only, i.e. Roasted Lamb, and Toasted bread. Its roasted lamb with 360 degree roasting, while its bread is evenly toasted, served with simple "kaya" and butter. Full address as below Kambing Bakor GuangZhou KBGZ... Continue Reading →

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