The Beer or Wine

Yes, it's true, drinking wine or beer doesn't help human to settle problems but causing a lot more problems such as create high expenses, and it's bad to health. If wine or beer can settle human problems, then there is no problems already in human.

Dengue Rating

Info from Health Ministry the dengue rate is increasing then urged every household should have to clean own surrounding area every week at least 10min once. Black spot so far include 5 states, with 10 areas in Selangor, 4 areas in Johore, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya 3 areas, Perak 2 areas, and Penang 1 area.

The Importance Of Nominations

This is to share the importance of nominations, so long you have "property", you should have to nominate someone no matter how, not to meaning that planning when would you die. As an adult, you all should have to know that all are uncertainty, so please nominate your authorize next to kin.

New System, the N.E.W.S.

Just launched not long ago the system that can "help" to reduce the chances patient being diverted into "ICU". According to the system, namely National Early Warning Score, it can help hospital to determine, and to transfer patient into "ICU" care unit whenever possible, at no time.

Direct Sales = Mostly Bad

Most of the direct sales are bad because it actually doesn't possess any good element for human body and yet it is a very expensive items. Those chemically mixed ingredient can but not all somehow deteriorate your liver function thus consuming it over long time may cause cancerous. As many people knows, liver is one... Continue Reading →

Health, Reduce Sugar

Nowadays, diabetics quite common and in Malaysia those items that can cause diabetics shall be in control. Reported that about 14,800 people in Pahang, this is about 14.8% of the total population in Pahang.

Vietnamese Milo

Carefully packed and its straw is special too compared to Malaysia Milo. Here really wonder how good is our Health Minister that allow the food and beverages industry to have 1 year expiry date, instead of many other countries with 6 to 8 months expiry date. Only a genuine health minister will firmly govern the... Continue Reading →

Balanced Meal

Start your days with balanced meal or you haven't, adopt to a more healthier lifestyle by eating more vegetables and fruits. More than 40% of Malaysian are over weight, 85% are those didn't like to eat fruits and vegetables. In order to have a balanced lifestyle, one should have strict onto this, a meal should... Continue Reading →

Protect Your Bone

The importance of bone not only started during older age where fracture may occur, but the bone development, for kids are equally essential as well. Talks about this topic will be having on this coming 28th, and 30th July.

Various Types Of Cooking Oil

There suppose to have more than one type of cooking oilbut most of us didn't. Here is sound of the guideline you may need it. Different types of cooking oil will have different heating limit, which might change the cooking oil stability. Many of us buy cooking oil just depending on the expiry date and... Continue Reading →

No Blood At One Of My Hand

So pity one of my hand doesn't have blood so have to inject from the another hand luckily got. Otherwise have to inject from my neck, maybe. This check-up usually we do it every year as it is tax-deductible where this part of the government incentive allowance for public to "caring" for own health and... Continue Reading →

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