The Vespa

The danger of Vespa, and some useful info. Remember, 1 Don't attack Vespa 2 Try not to wear bright and beautiful cloths 3 Don't use perfume 4 Wear long sleeves, pants, and possibly with cap / hat

Car Accident

Lorry out of control hitting car, both drive and passenger in car injury, but car is totally collapsed. Accident happened at Kuala Lumpur heading towards Bentong route, nearby Bukit Tinggi New Village.

Ah Loong

So good the Ah Loong banner are destroy however this for me is just a "wayang" (movie) to the public. Actually police can pretend themselves to be a customers of Ah Loong, call them, and make appointment with them, borrow money with them, catch them, etc. But, police didn't.

Teenage Drowning

One of the teenager playing at the waterfall and accidentally drowning. Victim from Pahang, he and his friends went to Langkawi and the incident happened at about 9a.m. There are 2 waterfall with the same name "七仙井", which it means "seven fairy well". One is in Selangor state, far North of Rawang district at Serendah.... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible Fire Department

Fire Department in Kajang area isn't responsible enough as complaint made to them is keep ignored since year 2015! Recently nursing home catch fire and fire department claimed that the water pressure is low, and this is very irresponsible action cause. They didn't admit it was due to their ignorance of the complaint made since... Continue Reading →

Junction Road Broken

The junction road damaged and caused road accidents isn't new in Malaysia. Many roads are not well maintained despite citizen paying lots of taxes, etc. This ends up where the damaged road is temporarily repaired using stone and cement.

Flooded Again

Just flooded 2 months ago and now this area going to be flooded again due to heavy rain. Kampung Tersusun at Bukit Mertajam is easily catched with flood once heavy rain non stop for few hours. People were very scare to buy new electrical items and furniture due to frequently flooded. Petrol station is flooded... Continue Reading →

The Importance Of Nominations

This is to share the importance of nominations, so long you have "property", you should have to nominate someone no matter how, not to meaning that planning when would you die. As an adult, you all should have to know that all are uncertainty, so please nominate your authorize next to kin.

Nothing To Do

These 3 guys nothing to do at late night and becoming a society useless. Actually can use the extra time to learn a lot of things and enriched ownself. No one can help them except by self helping.

Serious Civil Criminal

Serious civil crime break out at Sri Petaling recently had make this place become the red zone in security. At its peak, there are 4 to 5 cases of criminal with car tyre being stolen as the highest among other kind of civil criminal. It is important not to put anything valuable in cars. Some... Continue Reading →

Another Oil Tanker

Just happened yesterday where an oil tanker overturned, and a day after another oil tanker also overturned. Luckily both the drivers are safe. However this overturned didn't create traffic jam since it's turned into the road side. This accident happened at about 64km from the Bentong toll, morning 9 o'clock.

Fainted After Car Accident

Reported that the Malay lady driver accidentally reverse her car and hitting onto 2 cars, in black, refer photo. One of the black car jumped into the corridor due to heavy hit by the driver. Luckily both the black car drivers wasn't there.

Fake Note, Becareful

Reported that a night market businessman at Mentakab is unlucky yesterday as he noticed that he received one piece fake note 20RM. Previously there is fake note of 100RM and 50RM in the public. Nowadays there is 20RM fake note. The above note is fake, while the below one is the genuine. I personally feel... Continue Reading →

Spreading Fake News, FINE

Don't ever spreading non confirming news or info that could make yourself in trouble. Many likes to spread or SHARE news from Facebook or Watsup group without further checking on it. That's why my blog is here that include all of the true and solid news. Sharing directly from my blog makes you less trouble.

LED Street Light

LED light is such a bright full, and it is essential to install at some of the darkness area. Brightness is essential especially at outside street, this is also one of the method to reduce criminal, and accidents. Being advised too, those who had private street light please do not simply cut the light, through... Continue Reading →

High Vandalism

See how much "aggressiveness" of the vandalism happened here, perhaps it is due to long period of time (years etc.) no entertainment in this state. For example, cinema is demolished many years ago after some sort of parties is governing the state. Even worst, state government announced that "you can" report to them if found... Continue Reading →

Importance Of Prevention

Preventive wins cure. In whatever manner or situations, the prevention always come first before the next. The most recent Penang incident, again reminded us to be cautions always against fire, and be ready for fire extinguisher, and fire alarm too. A small fire extinguisher could cost you only RM90, and a fire alarm only cost... Continue Reading →

After Working Hours

Many doesn't know that actually after working hours if injury you can claim SOCSO as well. And in fact, those who had contributed for more than 2 years, can enjoy this benefit even after you didn't contribute on it. More details you can refer to the newspaper.


Those who dogs lover shall taking care his own dogs otherwise it can be easily caught by authority and to be killed within stipulated time if no people admits this.

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