Turtle Unifi

Being complaint by public about the slowness of unifi, bought package 40mbps but the test speed was only 4mbps. I'm wondering if the mbps is stands for MegaBitsPerSeconds instead MegaBytesPerSecond. Take note that unifi maybe using this method to confuse end consumers.

CNY Gift

Buy my wife CNY present such as new power bank with 2.4A and 3.0A quick charge capability, and total output at 30W, one month free fuel, etc. This should be much more better than simply some cash.

Longest Receipt at McDonald’s

Having tea time at McDonald's Serdang Raya this is the longest receipt so far. This is new kiosk in McDonald's so convenient also making customer can view all the menu at a glance. Investing in technology can help company to gain more sales hence increasing the net profit within a short time frame.

Spreading Fake News, FINE

Don't ever spreading non confirming news or info that could make yourself in trouble. Many likes to spread or SHARE news from Facebook or Watsup group without further checking on it. That's why my blog is here that include all of the true and solid news. Sharing directly from my blog makes you less trouble.

Good And Bad, Smart Phone

Bring widely used the Anbar phone can bring till us a lot of benefits including online purchase, info delivery, traveling sharing info, and etc. However if someone not responsible may just spread the non genuine news or take advantage to seek for fake donations, this can have the bad impact of using smart phone.

Buy Validity Period, Again

For 33RM one year free using the line (activated to received calls) it is worth nowadays and I foresee future could be hard to get this despite of the tel-co competition. So I again decided to top up another year of validity till year 2020. Great!

Buy Validity Period

This services isn't available for all new prepaid package already, so if possible, please do not changed to prepaid plan, and I had purchased one year of validity period. Spending 33RM to make the phone number valid for whole-year long isn't so cheap nowadays so it is wise to do so before it is being... Continue Reading →

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