Public Park Vandalism

Lack of caring and like to "vandalism" make their own homeland become a dirty place to stay, lack of attraction too. Most of the motorcyclist likes to enter into park and use jogging track as their motor path; such action is actually much selfish and more to vandalism.

Nothing To Do

These 3 guys nothing to do at late night and becoming a society useless. Actually can use the extra time to learn a lot of things and enriched ownself. No one can help them except by self helping.

Serious Civil Criminal

Serious civil crime break out at Sri Petaling recently had make this place become the red zone in security. At its peak, there are 4 to 5 cases of criminal with car tyre being stolen as the highest among other kind of civil criminal. It is important not to put anything valuable in cars. Some... Continue Reading →

High Vandalism

See how much "aggressiveness" of the vandalism happened here, perhaps it is due to long period of time (years etc.) no entertainment in this state. For example, cinema is demolished many years ago after some sort of parties is governing the state. Even worst, state government announced that "you can" report to them if found... Continue Reading →

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