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POLL: Yes OR No to Rohingya Refugees

Just a simple poll, and thank you for involvement. Take Our Poll

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Rohingya Refugee In Malaysia

Social media have flooded with hateful and angry comment regards Rohingya refugees in lieu of the recent (fake) news that an activist from community demanded they needed to be granted citizenship. Head of The Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organisation Malaysia (Merhrom), denied that he demanded citizenship for the refugees.

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Higher Summon During MCO For Excessive Profit From Business

Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affair (KPDNKK) will be issuing higher summon during MCO for business owner if found to be illegally trade with higher profit. This is to ensure consumer affair protection. For example, those who didn’t display selling price (tag), will be giving summon up to 1,000RM for individual seller, and 2,000RM […]

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G25 Malaysia

G25 Malaysia HERE, is a non profit organisation in Malaysia urged that authorities shall only issue summons to MCO offenders instead of any others, so long offenders didn’t cause “troublesome” to authorities during their duty. Also G25 claims that some offending MCO cases can be “crime relaxation”, for example, an elderly might need to be […]

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Benefits Of OKU Card Holder

For sharing. Actually OKU has a lot of hidden benefits but you don’t ignore it.

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Charges Without Consumer Acknowledge

Consumer can actually look for help whenever there is charges without consumer acknowledgment, especially dealing with those funny subscription.

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Real Donor

For sharing a donor donate of whatever amount earned from his sales of fruits and vegetables.

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Voted, and Finger

Here just to share something of course can’t forget is my finger get more black in tone now.

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The Coming Election

Share something I viewed it from facebook posting and created by others. Please share it over the world also. Yes it’s true, bad management in financial causing the country in worst deficits. So, have your own rights to choose your right and trusted government bodies.

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1Malaysia Double Standards

Sharing this, because for more than 60 years of independence, the selling price of property still at preferable for “bumiputera” only, despite Chinese and Indian people those are born in Malaysia, and holding Malaysia Identity Card, never had the same treats.