2016 ~ 2017

29 November This morning we wake up earlier to prepare all the things, including to make sure passport, international adapter, milk, are ready. We arrived at KL Sentral at about 8.40am, buy bus ticket for 9.00am.

Arriving at KLIA, and have our lunch. Although it was “lunch” time, but the small boy prefer to eat eggs also.

25 November Donated 30RM for this someday ago, wanted to go there, can’t find the place end up go to AEON MALL SHAH ALAM and having dinner at Nando.

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13 November We had a tea time at 007. Nice keropok, both steam or fried, as compare to Kuala Lumpur keropok, you will never wanted again the “Kuala Lumpur” keropok, because Terengganu keropok is made mostly using original “fish”. The nasi dagang, is also very special kind of rice which only will be available in the morning luckily I get mine the last package available. This nasi dagang Terengganu is different from nasi dagang Kelantan, for me, I like nasi dagang Terengganu. And nasi kapit, is similar with the nasi kapit that you eat together with satay.

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12 November Morning we sleep well luckily my wife insist to change hotel, thank you. We go for nearby place to have breakfast, some mihun kuey teow are those our breakfast. After the breakfast, we go to Manir, which old house is, and pray for my mum. We go back to the boutique hotel to check-in for our 2nd night room, which this time, I had booked yesterday using Agoda. Afternoon while praying for the second time, my lovely son learn some paper craft from my brother.

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11 November Journey back to hometown start with a great sunshine day. In morning, we go for simple breakfast at Kampung Bukit Tinggi. Its coffee is acceptable but its Wan Tan Mee is quite oily. Not a cheap food too. After that, we stopped by Temerloh – Lanchang and visited the Deer Park Land. The small little boy feeds deer with excitement finally feeding animal by throwing. We have a tea break at Hai Peng Kemaman. This been the must for us while travelling back to east coast. We order quite a lot of food there, surprisingly we finish it all. Those include 2 half boiled egg, 2 breads, 1 plate mihun, 1 fried rice with egg, 1 egg tart, drinks are milk tea, and coffee. After that, we continue balik-kampung journey. Weather changed to heavy rain I have no choice but to drive slowly. We arrived at Kuala Terengganu to check in hotel. But this hotel have many yet to improved especially in its utilities and cleanliness. After that we go to newly open Uncle Chua at Kampung Tiong. Hotel we booked and checked in is rather down in its cleanliness, its utilities also. First, we were given room 202 triple occupancy, with water heater and air condition, a faulty, not functioning. So we went to the front counter and make a request to change room. The old man (whom claimed himself as part-timer) there luckily kind enough entertain our request, give us another room, a bigger room at 301 quad occupancy. He asked us to tried and checked whether water heater and air condition works or how. Yes, it works. Now, the water flow, with no pressure at all. Cleanliness still is the same as the previous room 202, lots of dust at bed. Surprisingly you could find that the staircase is much more cleaner than our bedroom. What to do, just have to keep silent, is late already we got to go for the dinner. Dinner at Uncle Chua Signature quite OK. I recommend its Nasi Paprik which is fragrance and spicy enough. After the dinner, we go to find any nearby hotel. Luckily found a hotel with spacious room and clean. The Suite 18 Boutique Hotel, next to 7-11 Kampung Tiong. At night, before continue for sleeping, I start to surf for the 2nd night stay we decided to stay in the same hotel. I booked using online agoda as the “walk-in” price is almost the same with the online price. Booked via online, like agoda, we can earn additional perk. Here it is, perk converted into USD. Can be accumulated and redeemed when you booked your next hotel.

13 September Donating something for a help to needy at least provide help whenever we can.

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