Breakfast Before KLCC

This could be best place those who stay North KL to have breakfast before continue journey to KLCC. Restaurant Keng Nam Hai, 51, Jalan Kepong Lama, Kampung Batu, 51200 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. Location HERE. Total spent rather cheaper if you were to have breakfast or lunch at KLCC. 4.40RM 2 glasses of coffee, 8.00RM... Continue Reading →


Songkran Festival, A Year Ahead

Just check over the internet platform 2019 Songkran Festival flight would be about 500RM per person. Checked Traveloka, base price 498.87RM (with possible PROMO voucher). Google Apps Here. Checked official Airasia, base price 498.91RM. Google Apps Here. Just a reminder if you wanted to book air flight your can use Traveloka to book and input... Continue Reading →

De Centro Hotel

I got a facebook someone share this hopefully if this is true then hotel management shall treat it seriously and improve this immediately. Furthermore if it is hotel's fault, they shall refund full no matter how.

Late Dinner

This time come here again for late dinner. 23RM for all you can eat. A spicy hot seafood tomyam, plain rice, pattaya fried rice, red sirap water, nescafe tarik, curry mutton.

Baking Chocolate Butter Cake

So long time didn't bake chocolate butter this time bake it luckily quite successful. I had reduce the ingredient almost by 25% due not enough eggs i used only 3 instead of 4 eggs for 250 flour, 250 butter. Hopefully office colleagues will like it too.

Eating Dinner Alone

Today after work wanted to buy something so reached nearby a noodle stall tried before very delicious, no matter how must eat one before I can bake chocolate butter cake later at home. Total spent are 2.40RM and 6.50RM If you passed by Rawang town, don't forget to have a plate of noodle here.

Arrived Nirvana Memorial Park

Just arrived Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih after praying for the Ching Bing at Sungai Besi (2 graveyard), and Taman Ehsan (1 graveyard). The food sold here are quite expensive a small plate of carrot cost at 7RM each, and 1.50RM per herbal egg.

Lunch Time At Kota Bahru

For the very first time we have our lunch time at Kota Bahru this time was due to we have enough time at Kelantan after praying at Gunong / Bachok area. Few places including the Four Seasons Restaurant we searched finally we decided to eat at the Loong Restaurant (龙兴海鲜小厨). This restaurant located at Jalan... Continue Reading →

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