Smuggling Longan

Longan, or its scientific name known as “Dimocarpus longan”. Despite small in value, only 850RM of longan (340KG). Offender might faced heavy penalty up to 100,000RM. 😮😮😮

Coronaviridae Health

Take BPN To Buy Drug

A 24 years old guy after getting the BPN, uses 450RM to buy 5g drug (Methamphetamine). Apart from that, 17 offenders between age 19 to 45 has been caught during the road block operation too.


The Record of BPN (Bantuan Prihatin Nasional)

Some news being viral that those “rich” people suddenly get approval of the special money granted by government under the BPN scheme, however many of them commented that they never apply such a scheme. So now what is the approval system used in the BPN system? 🤔🤔🤔

Corruption Donation People&Society

No Self Advertise During Donations

Alor Setar MCA Head Chong Itt Chew warned if any of the congressmen taking the opportunity to promote himself while donating something given by government, he shall report this to MACC (Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission). This is because the meaning of donating and helping society-in-need doesn’t served the real purpose. In the event of (any) investigation […]


Hailstone at North Kedah

Recently there is a hailstone at North Kedah state. Some said it is at Alor Janggus village HERE. In the uploaded video, some did commented this is the 3rd time ever seen for the last 20 years. Adopt from that, Kedah has 11 districts, and 8 of it has been damaged by such a worse […]

Coronaviridae People&Society Safety&Security

Seems Purposely Offending MCO

A fruit stall in Alor Setar, seems like purposely offending the MCO by exceeding the business timing. Authorities has been many times advised and warned but business owner has never bother about it.

Coronaviridae People&Society Safety&Security

Custom M’sia Thai Border Closed

As a further precautions, 9 custom border has been closed for all vehicle

People&Society Safety&Security

Be Alert On Fake House Mover

We must always alert on such a house mover.

People&Society Sickness

Residential Area Dirty Again

Read this in newspaper and feel so sad human on earth is not loving the earth. Likes to throw rubbish everywhere. A real sickness in society.

Corruption People&Society

“Destroy” Corruption

In Alor Setar, about 600 police in HQ were signing and involve in 0 corruption campaign. There is a significant improvement on the 0 corruption campaign as well.