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Minister Deny, Even Through Been Proven

Different angle different views. Of course, if something which is different from what suppose to do now, public may criticize and if these Ministry making deny and give too much explanations, may lead to even more criticising, they might lost their public trust, lost credibility too.

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Bazaar Ramadhan

Few states has been confirmed to cancel this year Bazaar Ramadan despite of the loosen of the MCO, if any. Selangor will be fully ban Bazaar Ramadhan this year, and there will be a 500RM given by “Zakat” to poor family / those who is qualified. It is a must for all to obey to […]

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First MCO Offender In Perlis

This is the first Movement Control Order’s offender in Perlis


Cigarette Smuggling (走私香烟)

Happened at Kangar Perlis, a youngster doesn’t know that traffic cops could actually done more than just a traffic related summon. Traffic cop found there is 600 dozens of cigarette, with a smuggling value at 23thousand RM.

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Heading Towards 0 Corruption

Similar kind for the previous news, here there is about 1,800 policemen signing and involve in the 0 corruption campaign.