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Real Enforcement of Law (真正的法律执行者)

It’s all about just started, not long ago. Many are still play a fool on this MCO, and wanted to go here and there, stern actions has been taken against those people, summon 1,000RM. In Sarawak, within a day only, 27 people has been arrested, 7 of them being summoned for 1,000RM. 27 consists of […]

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Sarawak Bazaar Ramadhan And Gawai Dayak

Sarawak will ban Bazaar Ramadhan and Gawai Dayak festival this year for safety purposes. And so to cut off the transmission of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) infections, Chief Minister Sarawak announced.

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Real 1 Malaysia

I personally feel that with advanced modern thinking this shall be the good example that a people with mature think. For example, always being extremism in religious may end up something non achievable, in other words, it makes people lost.

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Kuching Trip

We travelling to Kuching for 3 days 2 nights. Arrived there then we meet up with our tour guide. There for the 1st day, we are our own-self to walk around before the next day trip arranged by tour guide.