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Mui Ne Morning Half Day Tour

We joined “The Sinh” half day tour early morning 4.30am to 8.30am We started our journey first at White Sand dune (larger sand dune), then Red Sand dune, location HERE, after that we head to Fishing Village (local called it Hom Rom Beach) located at HERE, then the last is the Fairy Steam, location HERE. […]

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Vietnamese Milo

Carefully packed and its straw is special too compared to Malaysia Milo. Here really wonder how good is our Health Minister that allow the food and beverages industry to have 1 year expiry date, instead of many other countries with 6 to 8 months expiry date. Only a genuine health minister will firmly govern the […]


Afraid Of Not Enough Mineral Water

After finish the seafood meal, we walked back to Mui Ne resort hotel half way we buy mineral water at 10,000 đ, and a Vietnamese hat at 25,000 đ. We afraid if we not enough water to drink as there is no complimentary mineral water in the Mui Ne Resort Hotel. This little small boy […]

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Seafood Dinner At Mui Ne

We walked to nearby famous seafood restaurant. At Bo Ke Lucky Restaurant, they serve many kind of seafood with lots of cooking method you would like to choose. My wife chosen the barbeque cooking method as this one also not a spicy one. I’m quite full so I didn’t tried the seafood not the fried […]

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Mui Ne Resort

Checked in ok, everything works fine. We booked this triple villa at 146.21RM. The room looks quite small but is clean. Comes with adult and kid swimming pool, and surrounded with natural-looking gardening. Since we arrived there at 12.10pm, we checked in the resort hotel then we go to opposite to have lunch. We ordered […]