Hello all, this blog is designed to introduce “me”-self and sharing of what I had come across with. I devoted part of my time to write this blog hopefully can be used as part of my life, if not, at least some sort of useful info.

Apart from this, it records life process of mine, that I believed to be worth shared among readers, very much thanks for spare some time with my blog.

Along of our individual life that is much to share, much to say but one of the best ways we can do, is writing a blog page. Every moment of life is recorded.

For instance, we pay and go for a holiday after sometime later we can’t remember where did we go during that time when photos flashed, or whenever we reviewed our photos gallery, of course sub-folder still can be made in our gallery into places we went, date, time and so on; Still, without a blog page to keep “these” valuable memory (that we paid a lot for our holiday), everything may be gone just like that, we can’t expect everything to be perfect.

I hope by publicised it, most info can be shared among across the world what’s more via internet.

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