Breakfast + Lunch

Having brunch at Serendah this time at Coffee Shop Yee Kee. Tried the chicken rice at 5RM, coffee ice 1.9RM each, toast bread 3.30RM, ChuCheongFun at 0.70RM each. Kedai Kopi Yee Kee is at 1, Lorong Kampung Dato Harun, Kampung Dato' Harun, 48200 Serendah, Selangor. Location,


1Malaysia Double Standards

Sharing this, because for more than 60 years of independence, the selling price of property still at preferable for "bumiputera" only, despite Chinese and Indian people those are born in Malaysia, and holding Malaysia Identity Card, never had the same treats.

Earth Day

Please save our mother earth and do not spend too much of electricity despite you could only feel that switching on a light "might cost you penny cents", however, in effect, our next few generation sufferings of the global warming. So please switch off lights always. The more waste you are, the more power plants... Continue Reading →

Grilled Lamb Chop

Something to share here however this time the food isn't so recommended. The meat is over dried with the method of grilled, and the lamb is to small also. However overall its french fried is still best recommend. Just having a late dinner at this place, Mamak Batu 18. No choice then we order another,... Continue Reading →

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